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KEN SARO WIWA MEMORIAL: Clergyman Tasks Ogoni People To Seek Justice, Makes Case For Niger Delta Region

As part of the 26th Memorial Thanksgiving Ceremony of the Late Environmental Activist and author  Ken Saro Wiwa, General Overseer, Gospel Power Assembly ,Dr. Friday Bekee has called on the people of Ogoni land to seek justice against  oppressors of the country.

The cleric  who stated this during the Thanksgiving  service on Sunday in Lagos , urged the Ogonis to work closely with people from other Niger Delta region and smaller tribes to further drive home their demands and kick against injustice in the country.

Bekee said that the fight against injustice is not limited to the Ogoni people but the Niger Delta region adding that the fight should be centred on justice.

The General Overseer noted that Nigeria is endowed with human and natural resources but noted that  injustice has become a fight beyond the Ogoni people but for the minority groups.

Açcording to him, the problem in Nigeria is centred on injustice pointing out that “The way out of injustice is justice. That is the only way out by doing the right thing. Now as a pastor, am looking at it from two dimensions even when they are several dimensions to the issue. The two dimensions include spiritual and physical .

“There are things that we do that can move God and enable God to do what He wants to do. They are also things that we do that will disable God to do what He wants to do .

“Spiritual things operate in the atmosphere. When a nation revered in spiritual atmosphere then they are giving room for Satan to operate and that is why wherever there is injustice there will be sorrow, because Satan operates in those kind of atmosphere.

“But when there is justice then it will create an atmosphere for God to release His blessings. Nigeria is blessed, Nigeria is endowed but how can we continue to live in penury begging and borrowing. This is because we have given Satan the opportunity to operate and bringing all kinds of cause upon the nation. So the way out of injustice is justice.

“What is happening in the Niger Delta  is the same thing happening in other nationalities within Nigeria. The moment you are small the bigger tribes suppress you and that is injustice.

“It doesn’t matter what they are grabbing because you don’t see the results .

The root is injustice because it is like a thief who goes to steal and yet you don’t see what they do with the money.

A nation that is harvesting so much but cannot give account on it then something is wrong fundamentally, spiritually; is like we are gathering into a pocket with holes in it.

On late human rights activist, the Pastor affirmed, saying, “The difference between the Ogonis and other tribes in the Niger Delta region is that the Ogoni people has a leader who fronted for humanity and this is the same cry every other tribes in the region are crying.

“So the Ogoni people can embrace others because its a common fight and it’s a fight for justice.Its not the Ogoni voice but the cry of justice. When that happens then we will get a greater result.

Speaking earlier, Chairman, Ogoni Welfare Association (OWA), Lagos ,ThankGod Meekor reiterated that the thanksgiving memorial has achieved greatness since inception.

Meekor noted that leaders of  Ogoni has engaged the President of Nigeria and that of Rivers State respectively, in addressing injustice and other issues bothering on development and growth in the region.

The Chairman stated that the Ogoni people has continually engaged some Niger Delta groups and other smaller minority ethnicity in Nigeria.

He stressed that discussion and consultation is ongoing with the state and federal governments on how to address issues of injustice adding that late Ken Saro Wiwa fought a noble fight for the common man.

According to him, “Twenty six years after, we are still committed, determined and  stand strong for that non violence struggle.

“As  a result of the Ogoni struggle for justice, fairness and equity for the people of the Niger Delta, and Nigerians in general, you can see that there was the creation of the ministry of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

“And for the first time, it is on record that Nigeria produced a president from the south south region and there are so much still to come”, the chairman added