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Call Ohen Obaro To Order, Some Elders of Iyanomo in Edo State have Appealed To Oba Ewuare II

Some elders and residents of Iyanomo Village in Uhunwonde Local Government Area of Edo State, have appealed for the intervention of the Oba of Benin, HRM, Ewuare II, over an alleged land grabbing and crisis purportedly caused by the Ohen Obaro of Okhuaihe of Iyanomo, High Priest Nomuovbiekpen Uwague Idehen.
Speaking with newsmen during a protest to the Palace of Benin Monarch on Wednesday, Pa. Lucky Igiebor, alleged that the Ohen Obaro who he said was suspended by the Oba alongside with the Odionwere of the village in 2019, is acting in a manner capable of causing breach of security and peace in the village.
He said that he was appointed to be overseeing the traditional affairs of the village by the Benin Monarch in acting capacity following the suspension of the Ohen and the Odionwere, alleging that the Ohen has continued to organised parallel village meetings in Iyanomo.
Pa. Igiebor, further accused the Ohen of indulging in indiscriminate sales of land including the land given to the Oba of Benin by the village.
But in a swift reaction, High Priest Nomuovbiekpen Uwague Idehen, vehemently refuted all allegations levelled against him by the people suspectedly loyal to the suspended Odionwere of the village.
He berated Pa. Lucky Igiebor and his group for allegedly leading a protest march to the Palace of the Oba of Benin to paint him in bad image.
Ohen Idehen said that he could not have condescended so low to start selling the land which he personally mobilized to be given to the Oba to the members of the general public, particularly, a highly respected Chief from the Palace as alleged.
He stated that to set the record straight, they protesters have been troubling him since overtime, alleging that the suspended Odionwere has caused a faction in the village as well as influencing external trespass of the lands by the people of neighboring Ikhuenbo village.
The Ohen maintained that the said land belonging to the Oba still remans intact as the Odionwere and his allies do not know the exact palace the land is situated in the village.
He explained that after the people exhaust all their plans to trespass on the Oba land,  but to no avail, ‘”they started alleging that I sold the land and gave money to persons to influence the upliftment of my earlier suspension”.
The Ohen who dismissed the allegations, however, described them (allegations) as not only spurious, naive and immaterial, but a calculated attempt to damage his reputations before the palace and the public for the purposes of achieving their clandestine motives in the village.
He stressed that actually, he was suspended alongside the Odionwere but after appealing to the palace and his suspension was lifted but the palace, arguing that son then, the people loyal to the suspension Odionwere had been troubling him.
He appealed to the Oba of Benin to call him, the suspended Odionwere and his alleged loyalists to the palace to get the truth, as he could not have terrorised his people.