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Nigerians urged to go back to farming to chase hunger in the country.


Nigerians have been called upon to go back to the farm to harness the great gift which God has given to mankind to chase out hunger in the country.

The call was made by Mr.  Jojo  Osunde, a business man turned farmer  in an interview with newsmen in Benin City at the weekend.

He said that, “our forefathers lived on the proceeds from the land by farming cashew, rubber, kernel and others and this sustained the country  then” .

“If we go back to the land there will not be hardship and hunger in the land. If there is no hunger in the land the people will be focused to reason well. Hunger is a sin and it is when people are hungry that they do not reason properly and go into all sorts of criminal tendencies” he noted.

According to him, the insecurity in the country is becoming very alarming and it seems that those in government are unable to find solutions to the problem.

“It has become necessary to examine those elected into government offices to ensure that they are able to use money judiciously for the benefit of the people,” he added.

On the insecurity on the highways, Mr Jojo Osunde who studied Business Administration at the University of Benin advised that the government and security agents should clear those bushes where bandits are hiding and use them for farming because according to him  if a land of one hundred by one hundred is used for planting cassava for instance, the farmer is sure of making not less than N200, 000.

“The governments should be able to create the enabling environment and people will go there and plant. This is planting season and the forest is there  which people  can use  for  planting . They should use their security votes to open those forests.

“The state government has forest reserves which should be used by this generation and not be kept for generations yet unborn and allowing miscreants to get in there. The government should demarcate those areas to be used for housing and those for farming for rapid development of those areas by creating roads also,” he noted.

While commending the administration of Godwin Obaseki for the Gelegele sea ports construction, he said it is a welcome development which has developed the area and will help for food preservation and transportation through the waterways.

“This will enable farmers take their products to other markets across the country and abroad. When we were growing up there was operation feed the nation, now is the time we should rise up and feed the nation to chase out hunger,” he added.