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Fagunwa’s Son Launches Book, Promises Continuation Of Father’s Legacies

Dopi, son of the late Yoruba literary icon, Daniel Fagunwa, yesterday, launched a book titled: Ifewumi: The Travails of Inulayewa’, which he described as a continuation of his father’s storybook, Aditu Olodumare. 

On the occasion, which took place at the Afe Babalola Hall, University of Lagos, UNILAG, Dipo promised to continue his father’s legacies of propagating Yoruba culture through the writing of books to showcase to race to the global audience.

He said: “In tandem with my father’s style and steps, I initially wrote the book in the Yoruba Language, but because of the need to reach a wider audience and, in line with my late mother’s advice, I translated it into the England’s Language.

“However, the manuscript in Yoruba is still intact and I will still publish that God willing. The first set of publishers I took the manuscript to did not do much. They said they were focusing on school textbooks and it was a friend who started his publishing outfit that helped in publishing it”.