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Another war’ll be a holocaust—- Nwabueze.***Says if we must disintegrate, let’s meet and decide how.

ELDER STATESMAN and Legal Icon, professor Ben Nwabueze, SAN, has warned those Fanning the embers of war to have a rethink, because another civil war in Nigeria will be a holocaust compared to the 1967_ 70 experience.

Nwabueze who is the chairman of the Igbo  Leaders of Thought,ILT in a statement titled, A Timely Warning, said Nigeria cannot afford another war and urged negotiated disintegration.

If we must disintegrate, the statement read about this time in 1964, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe the ceremonial president of the country in his characteristics manner warned of the impending calamity about to befall the country, and pleaded for a peaceful disintegration of the country rather than through battle’s and wars.

It seems appropriate at this time to draw attention to Dr Azikiwe’ s Warning.

Nigeria seems to be heading to wars and disintegration that Wii be more tidious than those of  1967_1970.

Circumstances have changed over the past 50 years and lessons ought to have been lesrned.