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NNPC Partnership With Dangote Oil Refinery As Masterstroke

When I read a report, recently, of the proposed plan of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to acquire 20 percent minority stake in Dangote Oil Refinery, I felt as if someone in the top management of the Corporate caught my trail in thoughts.

In the last few days, while having a discourse analysis with my friends on how Nigeria could solve the problem of perennial petrol crises and its attendant huge financial burden of subsidy, especially in the immediate, I instinctively proposed a strategic collaboration between the NNPC and Dangote Oil Refinery to break the iceberg and pull the nation out of the woods of petrol crises.

When my suggestion was offered on the table, one of the discussants opined that Dangote Oil Refinery was a privately-owned business, and there was no way government can rely on it to solve national problems, instead we should fix government-owned refineries. The contestation of ideas continued until I was able to convince him otherwise.

So, when the NNPC announced recently during a petroleum conference that it was engaging Dangote Group to acquire 20 percent minority stake in the emerging refinery, it dawned as if someone secretly recorded my debate with my friends and sent it to the Corporation as a proposal. I felt vindicated . I had to forward link of the news report to my friends on WhatsApp.