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Stat of the day : Culled from The Guardian

Trump was allegedly cultivated as a Russian asset for more than 40 years

Donald Trump was cultivated as an asset for the Russian government for more than 40 years, a former KGB spy has told the Guardian. Trump first appeared on the Russians’ radar after marrying a Czech model in 1977, and was tipped as a potential asset three years later by a “spotter agent”, Yuri Shvets says. Shvets alleges that during a trip by Trump to Russia in 1987 KGB operatives suggested he go into politics – he began exploring a run for the Republican nomination soon after.

One reply on “Stat of the day : Culled from The Guardian”

Just another one of those obvious proofs why the media is fake news. Everyone knows that when Trump started nursing the idea of going into politics, he began as a Democrat. This article is fake!