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Trump Supporters Protest in DC: Crowds Gather at Freedom Plaza

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Large groups of protesters have officials in D.C. worried that we could see an explosion in COVID-19 cases. Several demonstrations are planned this weekend to dispute the outcome of the presidential election, and there will also be counterprotesters. News4’s Darcy Spencer reports

Supporters of President Donald Trump convened in Washington, D.C., Saturday with plans to march from Freedom Plaza to the Supreme Court to protest election results they say are fraudulent.

Many vendors and dozens of people carrying flags with slogans including “Trump 2020” and “MAGA Country” were milling around by 9 a.m. A small number of people were seen wearing masks in the crowd, despite the city’s mandate on face coverings.

The presidential motorcade emerged to drive a lap around the gathering crowd after President Trump on social media teased the appearance and called the rally “heartwarming.”

Women for America First, which obtained a permit for its demonstration, said there will be music, dancing and speakers at the rally, which begins at noon.

The crowd swelled leading up to the official start of the event and video showed Freedom Plaza packed with attendees.

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