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The Centre for Human and Socioeconomic Rights, CHSR, has strongly condemned the present state of things in Lagos State where hoodlums continue to attack and rob people on the streets without any challenge.

The National President of CHSR, Comrade Alex Omotehinse who made condemnation and raised alarm over the incessant attack on people on Lagos Streets. said that the present situation in the state is becoming more unbearable as the hoodlums and miscreants had taken over the streets in almost every part of the state and several innocent lives had been lost.

Comrade Alex Omotehinse said, “Our attention has been drawn to an online report of the incident that happened at Oko Oba area of Agege, Lagos State, where some set of people, who had earlier attacked the Police Station in the area, chose to attack the Lagos State Ministry of Agric warehouses in order to loot palliatives and at the end of the day when Police arrived to save the situation it became fire for fire, which later resulted to the loss of innocent lives and destruction of properties”.

“The CHSR, after reading the online news about the unfortunate incident, realised that it was not a deliberate attack on the young man by the Police as it was also reported that the boy’s uncle told the press truly “That there was an information that some people wanted to loot the warehouse that was why the boy and his colleagues were sent to the scene as a reporter to get some news”. Therefore, we don’t want the fifth columnists to twist this as a deliberate action by the Police to shoot the innocent boy.”

“The CHSR, as human rights group, has been agitating and warning Lagosians that we should be very careful not to give anarchy a chance in the state.”

It will also be recalled that the aged long supremacy crisis between Okepopo street boys and their counterpart from Oshodi street, Lagos Island has rear it’s ugly head out again as the two groups later joined by Agarawu youths clashes on daily basis where both residents and traders were robbed of their belongings.

The presence of armed soldiers at different parts of the Island did not debar the miscreants from operation as they struck unexpectedly, operate within three minutes and went back to hiding.

Many Innocent people have been victims of the attacks and have nobody to report to as many Police personnel still nurse the ugly experience of murderous attacks on them during the ENDSARS protests been hijacked by hoodlums.