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WEEKENDer! Thoughts about the CORONAVIRUS imbroglio

Think about this; and really carefully too!

Maybe it was late in coming, as soon as the coronavirus 19 was declared a global pandemic by the WHO, guidelines were issued by various governments to reduced or curtail the number of cases of those contracting the disease/virus. For detailed guidelines regulations, please see your local advisory notices.

Surprisingly enough, in spite of those shutdowns, lockdowns, distancing, hand washing, face covering etc regulations placed on  members of the public, nations have witnessed a spike in cases.

For many, these regulations have only made life worse than ease the burdens the virus in itself would have caused. A lot more think the politics of this, is responsible for the spike. It seems like politicians on all sides of the aisle should as a natter of urgency, hands off this matter, work on matters of funding Medicare from behind, and allow Medicare to function as normal.

— editorial