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Stop Appointing Politicians, Military Officers, Civil Servants As Amnesty Coordinator, Niger Delta Agitators Warn.

The Niger Delta Leadership Forum has expressed  satisfaction over the suspension and subsequent sack of Professor Charles Quakers Dokubo as Special Adviser and Coordinator of the Amnesty Program, just as it cautioned President Muhammadu Buhari against appointing a politician, civil servant or military officer into the position henceforth.

It also called for the appointment of a substantive coordinator as holder of the office, against the old practice of an interim administrator.

Further, the group insisted that such appointee must be appointed from among the Niger Delta Agitators, through which efforts and agitation the programme was established.

The group claimed that the programme has become a vehicle of enrichment, retirement benefit and the settling of failed politicians and civil servants by the government.

It made the assertions in a statement signed by Toriomo Yerindideke Excel, chairman Bayelsa state phase one Leadership forum, Gen. Bob Iyallah Alikor River state chairman Phase one leadership forum, Agagha Appearance, leader Igbigidi 1 chairman Edo state. Amaechi Adibuo chairman Imo state,Wanaemi Olotu, phase 2 Leader and high chief Livingstone Fortune, phase 3 leader.

According to the statement, members of the group said they have endured a precarious situation as a result of using the Amnesty office to compensate failed political stooge by the presidency.

It therefore warned that Enough is enough on this unending quagmire of failed Coordinators being appointed to manage the Mend fighters and beneficiaries, adding that what they need now is a product of the struggle to be the coordinator of the Amnesty programme.

The statement reads, ” Whereas the suspension and subsequent sack of Professor Charles Quakers Dokubo in our own cognitive appraisal is a welcome development, given the messy way he handled the Amnesty Program and Office in a manner tantamount to conversion of the said office to his many corrupt and fraudulent practices that made a mockery of accountability, transparency and the overall caricature of the intention for which the program was established to close the gap of economic and social balance in the Niger Delta particularly the Ijaw Nation.

“Following the above preventable development that is without doubt inimical to the development, economic and social stability of the Niger Delta Region, we the executives and members of the Niger Delta Agitators Leadership Forum from various State Chapters; is using this medium to call on President Muhammadu Buhari to apply puritanical caution on appointing the next Special Adviser and Coordinator of the Amnesty Program.

“This is not unconnected with the glaring fact that the program has become a vehicle of enrichment, retirement benefit and the settling of failed politicians and civil servants”, he added.