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OCTOBER 1st, 2020  was  a special day in the annals of Nigeria’s history as Nigerians celebrate the diamond Jubilee in a grand style amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

ANY one born on or about the year Nigeria gained independence from the colonial masters will no doubt have lots of story to tell  as they clock sixty years on that fateful day. Though this seem to be a long time in human calculation especially if  such a person is a civil servant.

SUCH  a person should be looking towards retiring  or getting prepared for a life in retirement . However, officially, one would be almost completing his working  life circle and life in retirement is a time when one spend more time with grand children and spending time with peers.

THE question now is can this be said of Nigeria as a nation,  because the country seem to have recorded more woes than success story. The country seem  to be moving backwards rather than moving forward with no signs of the expected progress yet from a  60 year old nation.

IN many areas of the country’s development, there is no appreciable score for what has been accomplished either by the past administrations or the current administration. Development is far fetched and a far cry from what Nigerians expected from this government that promised the people Change to the about 200 million people.

IT has been one excuse or another  on why  the government cannot get the country running again despite all the promises to fix Nigeria. Economically, Nigeria is performing very poorly and below expectation and it seem that the government cannot cope with the growing population, unemployment, insecurity, food shortage, dilapidated infrastructures across the country, poor health delivery service, devaluation of the country’s currency, poor and underfunded educational institutions,.

WE can go on and on, the problems cut across the sectors of life of the nation and there is no doubt that the people are fed up and losing patience with the government as we can witness threats of strike action by various groups and industrial unions.

THE fear now is what legacy will the present administration leave for Nigerians if nothing urgently is done to salvage the system that has been bedeviled by corruption at the end of eight years in government.

EXPECIALLY as the security situation is unstable, Boko Haram and other terror groups are having field day , kidnapping  and continually tormenting the ordinary citizens. Those who want to go back to the farm  are been threatened as their safety is not guaranteed.

IT  is no doubt  the views of majority of Nigerians at home and in diaspora that not many ordinary people have reason to celebrate Nigeria at 60, except those at the corridors of government who are benefiting immensely  from the system.
BUT,  however the people are optimistic that it will be well for the nation irrespective of the tortuous journey so far.