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GERMANY: Wolfgang Schäuble — “We need better cooperation with Russia”

Screenshot DW Interview mit Wofgang Schäuble (DW)
Thirty years ago, Wolfgang Schäuble helped negotiate German reunification. In a DW interview, the president of the Bundestag looks back— and calls for a new cooperation with Russia, based on fairness.

DW: Mr Schäuble, you had a major role in negotiating — indeed, in writing — the Treaty on German Unity.When you look at Germany now, three decades later, is this what you imagined then? 

Wolfgang Schäuble: No, but where in the world has anyone ever been able to imagine what is going to happen in thirty years’ time? In these past thirty years, too, Germany, like the whole world, has totally transformed. There is no longer a leading world power keeping order.

For some time the United States appeared to be almost the only remaining superpower. But the world has become more diverse. We could never have imagined, back then, how the East-West conflict would come to an end. But then it did end, miraculously, without war, almost without deaths. And yet that didn’t make the world a safer place. Instead, wars were possible once again. Only a few years later, in the middle of Europe.
— DW news