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On Face Masks

A taxi driver wearing a facemask and gloves is seen at a railway station after the government eased restrictions imposed as a preventive measure against the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus in New Delhi (AFP photo)
As I drove past a cab driver with a passenger at the back seat, last week, I noticed that the passenger wasn’t wearing a mask; whereas the driver had one on. So, I thought within me about the dangers posed by the face- covering, mask wearing to cab drivers, if they have to do this for lengthy periods of time on a daily basis.Whatever the arguments for and against are, scientific proofs show that, wearing masks for lengthy periods of time can be harmful to “certain people” for “certain reasons”. If this be the case, what then should be done by the authorities to solve this problem?

If you are a cab driver, or you know of anyone who is, and has suffered any side effects from such situations, please we would like to hear from you. Share here. Thanks