June 26, 2022

1 thought on “US news: Democrat Biden Adds Former Rival Buttigieg, Ex-Obama Officials to Transition Team

  1. The selection shows CLEARLY that it’s the SAME administration (group of people if you will) who brought wars, economic hardships, terrorism, liberalism etc across the globe, that Biden has decided is best to rule with him. For crying out loud, can’t people see that the Democrat party doesn’t have anything to offer? The same way democrats led states have been rubbed by the same officials for years, with no visible improvements ie Baltimore, even so these returnees have nothing good to bring to the table. What did they do in 8years when they had ample opportunity?
    In any case, not surprising because the Antichrist will definitely come from the left; no matter which part of the earth👀👀👀🤷🏽‍♂️

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