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Vets warn Devon dog owners after multiple snake bites treated

106616062_2912556915536830_7493152990601410513_n.jpgAdder(Image: Juniper Connal )

A vets in Exmouth have issued a warning to dog owners involving separate cases where dogs have been bitten by snakes within the area.

White Lodge Veterinary Surgery posted the warning onto social media (July 31).

There have been reports of dogs being bitten by Adders which can be potentially fatal. Most commonly, if a dog receives an Adder bite the wound will swell.

However, in more severe cases the animal may collapse, organ failure, lameness, tremors or vomit.

What to do if my dog is bitten by an Adder?

According to Vets4Pets you should carry your dog (rather than allow him or her to walk) to try and reduce the spread of venom around the body.

Bathe the wound in cold water to help control the swelling and try to keep your dog quiet and warm as you travel to your nearest vet practice.

The adder (left) is the UK’s only venomous snake. On the right is a rattlesnake – just one example of a group of snakes known as pit vipers(Image: Natural England/PA Wire)

As with any emergency, it is a good idea to ring your vet in advance to let them know what has happened and your estimated time of arrival.

This means the practice can make sure they have a vet available to see you and it gives them time to prepare any treatments.

It has not been confirmed as to which species of snake has bitten the dogs.

— Devonlive