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Some bank fraudsters have revealed that they connive with financial institutions staff to steal from dead people, who had account in various banks in Nigeria.

The suspected criminals who are recently arrested by the operatives of Rapid Response Squad (RRS) in Lagos State made the revelation that it was the bank staff that invited them to prepare documents and other necessary items to withdraw money from the accounts of deceased back customers.

The seven suspected gang members includes a 45- year old Ostia Nwafor otherwise known as Ossy as leader, Nwogu Joseph Chika (36), Anthony Odama (43), Ikechukwu Nkem (32), James Okonkwo (51), Adedio Paulinus (29) and Ogundepo Olufemi (51).

Police investigation revealed that the suspects connived with bank insiders locally and internationally to execute their criminal activities.

The suspects also revealed, “We also carried out their activities by going around, scouting for obituaries of financially rich persons. They would then inform their bank insiders, who provided us with the account balance of the deceased, whose Sim card will then be cloned for Online Bank transfers.

The suspects, during interrogation, confessed that they were members of the syndicate and had been into such criminal act before they were apprehended by the Police. They revealed that they were working on $220,000 and N25 million fraud before they were arrested.

Police source said one of their bank insiders in Benin is reportedly on the run while the bank insider in Lagos has been arrested by officers of the Lagos State Police Command and is undergoing interrogation over the criminal activities of the gang.

The Police have declined to disclose the identity of the bank insiders pending the conclusion of the investigation due to the sensitive nature of the investigation.

Meanwhile, the syndicate was paraded and will be charged before the Court after the conclusion of the investigations, Police source said.