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Beirut Explosion

Beirut explosion: Day of mourning after blast kills at least 70 and injures thousands

Authorities say the tragedy may have been caused by a large amount of ammonium nitrate being stored in a warehouse.

Blast rips through city – sending smoke into sky

Lebanon’s prime minister has called for a day of mourning on Wednesday after a huge explosion killed at least 70 people and injured more than 3,000 in Beirut.

Beirut explosion aftermath
Image:At least 3,000 people in the city were hurt

Video shows the moment a building exploded, sending a huge shockwave across the city that was heard and felt as far away as Cyprus – more than 125 miles (200km) away.

Pictures showed cars upturned and streets covered in shattered glass and twisted metal.

Lebanon’s internal security chief, Abbas Ibrahim, also said the blast may have been caused by explosive material confiscated from a ship and stored at the port.

What is ammonium nitrate and why is it so dangerous?

What is ammonium nitrate and why is it so dangerous?

Earlier reports had suggested the building was a fireworks storage warehouse.
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