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US/World news: Dr Stella Immanuel says Jesus will destroy Facebook’s servers after site deleted video of her wrongly claiming hydroxy is a coronavirus ‘cure’

  • Dr Stella Immanuel believes hydroxychloroquine is a ‘cure’ for coronavirus
  • Video of her making the claim was retweeted by President Trump, then deleted 
  • Footage also taken off Facebook, and Immanuel has now claimed that Jesus will destroy their servers unless the video is put back up
  • Immanuel also believes in witches, demons and that aliens run the government

Dr Stella Immanuel believes Jesus will destroy Facebook’s servers after the site deleted a video in which she claims hydroxychloroquine cures coronavirus.

The Houston pediatrician made headlines across America after President Trump retweeted the video, before it was removed from Twitter and Facebook.

Now Immanuel – who also believes demon sex causes sickness and that reptilians help run the government – thinks God is poised to strike down the social media site.

Dr Stella Immanuel claimed in a viral video (pictured) that hydroxychloroquine is a coronavirus cure that is being suppressed by the government – before the footage was taken down.
— daily mail