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ISRAEL: Clashes With Hezbollah

Israel and Hezbollah clash after border ‘infiltration attempt’

Israeli military claims to have thwarted Lebanese militant group in disputed border


Israel’s military announced it had thwarted a Hezbollah “infiltration attempt” along its northern border with Lebanon that led to military clashes, a flare-up that comes during a period of heightened tensions between the longstanding foes.

Lt Col Jonathan Conricus, an army spokesman, said there had been no Israeli military casualties but “the event” was continuing. Local media in Israel said residents in the area had heard exchanges of fire, and photos and videos posted online showed white smoke rising from the hills.

A Hezbollah-linked TV station, Al Mayadeen, reported the militant group had fired a missile at Israeli troops. It was not clear whether there were casualties on the Lebanese side.

The incident occurred in the Shebaa Farms area, a contentious piece of land captured by Israel in the 1967 war and claimed by Lebanon.

Hezbollah, an Iran-backed political and militant group, has been hinting it would avenge the deaths of one of its fighters killed in Syria last week by a purported Israeli airstrike.

Photo- Israel.

The two sides have visibly mobilised in recent days, with Israel moving artillery and infantry units to the border, and Hezbollah displaying images on social media of a Kornet anti-tank missile. On Sunday, an Israeli drone crashed in Lebanon.

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