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Jewish Teacher urge religious bodies to be United for nation building ….Urge political leaders draw lessons from COVID-19 pandemic

Spiritual Leaders across Nigeria have been enjoined to put aside the discrimination among them and draw out measures on how to converge and pray to God to intervene in the prevailing issues bothering the Nation.
A Jewish Teacher, Prophet Peter Umeh stated this while addressing  Journalists shortly after the 2020 celebration of the Feast of Passover held in Benin City.
He stressed that there is nothing too difficult for God to do, if only they can put behind things limiting the power of God among them. “You can’t believe it, there is division in Christendom. Catholic don’t believe Pentecostal, Pentecostal don’t believe Judaism, Muslims don’t believe Christians,Christians don’t believe Muslims. All religion should remember the adage that says United we stand, and divided we fall.”
According to him, Muslims are more powerful in Nigeria and will continue to dictate what happens because there is a celebration they observe together that requires offering of Sacrifice.
He expressed optimism that despite COVID-19 being an invention of Man’s wickedness to Man, the disease will fade away with time but more importantly is for leadership of the country to draw lessons from the challenge COVID-19 has posed all these months and go back to their drawing board and restructure the Country in a way that whenever any of such breakouts occur again, The Citizens will not suffer much.
Meanwhile , he explained that the Feast of Passover is a biblical command by God which every Jewish worshipers observe annually, but due to the epidermic that made Government authorities to lock down place of worshipers, this year’s celebration was low key.
He said “The Jewish believers adhered to the instruction as the celebration was postponed from April to May which is the second month after the month of Abbib.
“Passover is a Command given by God to the people of Israel when they were in Egypt to keep observing the celebration every year from generation after generation. Numbers 9 vs 1: 23.
He however avail the opportunity to thank God Almighty for sustaining Jewish believers across the globe to observe the feast successfully, as he charged believers around the globe to continue to observe the feast to enable God’s blessings remain in their various household.