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UK/ RUSSIA: Russian Embassy in London warns UK that ‘unfriendly actions’ will not be left ‘without adequate response’

The Russian Embassy in London warned that “any unfriendly actions” will “not be left without a proper and adequate response”.

In two bombshell accusations today, the UK Government said a cyber group linked to Russian intelligence is targeting Covid-19vaccine research in the West and other Russian “actors” sought to interfere in last year’s General Election in Britain.

UK security officials slammed “despicable attacks” by Russian hackers against organisations helping to develop a coronavirus vaccine. They are suspected of seeking to steal vaccine secrets.
Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab also hit out at Russian “actors” for pushing on the internet leaked reports on UK-US trade talks ahead of the election last December.

Ministers and intelligence chiefs published details of both incidents to show Moscow that the UK is aware of the source of cyber attacks and to make people aware of the threats from abroad.

But the Russian embassy said Moscow “has not and will never interfere in the internal affairs” of the UK.

Vladimir Putin (Getty Images)

It also denied targeting efforts to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

“We have also taken note of the Foreign Secretary’s suggestion that the UK Government reserves the right to respond with appropriate measures in the future,” a statement said.

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