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NDDC Fraud: IMC Indicts NASS

Members of the Interim Management Committee of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC in Nigeria have indicted the National Assembly in alleged financial recklessness in the commission.

The NDDC made this revelation at an investigative public hearing by the Senate ad-hoc committee on investigation of the alleged financial recklessness.

According to the Executive Director, Projects of the NDDC, Dr. Cairo Ojuigbo the national Assembly has its knees on the neck of the commission. Noting that it is very necessary to make the general public know about what is actually happening in the commission.

Dr. Ojuigbo revealed that, there is a perception that the national Assembly has always been against the Interim Management Committee to create confusion that will make the executive sack the committee.

While expressing his displeasure, Dr. O Ojuigbo also pointed out that there was a request from the house of representatives on a 60 percent cut of 3.9 billion Naira sum of a contract which he refused to sign.

According to him, the chairman of the house committee on the NDDC, collected 1000 slots of emergency projects to be distributed between the Senate and House but when he called the Senate to find out about it they denied any of such .

Dr. Ojuigbo further revealed that every time he gets a call from individuals telling him he is ‘chopping alone; but today “I want to tell you that there is nothing to chop in NDDC”.

” I want you all to know that the setting up of the IMC is not illegal but backed by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”.
The executive director, noted with sadness that the commission’s budget has been a recurrent instrument of blackmail by the lawmakers.

He noted also that the IMC did not pay for any water hyscent as been speculated, neither was any of its staff suspended or sacked.

Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari in October, 2019 set up the Interim Management Committee to manage the affairs of the NDDC after several allegations of corruption.