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NICARAGUA: Sahara Dust Combined With Rainfall Will Produce “Acid Rain” In Nicaragua

(TODAY NICARAGUA) The presence of dust particles from the Sahara desert will remain in Nicaragua until mid-August, according to Agustín Moreira, an expert in climatic phenomena at the Humboldt Center.

Experts recommend wearing masks, protective glasses, and long-sleeved shirts to avoid infections, skin conditions, or eye irritation.

However, with the entry of the tropical wave number 10 expected on Sunday tropical wave 11 on Monday afternoon, both will cause rains throughout the national territory, causing a reduced presence of dust in the environment.

“There will always be dust, but not like Thursday and Friday, which were the strongest. The rain will help make it less,” Moreira said.

Acid rain

However, the agrometeorologist explained that these rains, added to the Sahara Dust phenomenon, will produce an “acid rain”, due to the high load of particles coming from the desert.

“It is not recommended to bathe with that water, let alone use it for drinking or washing (clothes). I recommend that people do not expose themselves to the rain that could fall in the coming days,” explained the expert in climatic phenomena.

Moreira also said that the use of masks, protective glasses, and long-sleeved shirts is recommended to avoid infections, skin damage, or eye irritation.

“The use of masks is to prevent dust particles from entering our lungs and causing damage. Food and water must also be covered,” concluded the expert from the Humboldt Center.

Every year millions of tons of dust rise from the immense Sahara desert, North Africa, and the winds carry it Europe and the Americas.

Since June 22, the dust cloud has crossed all of Central America.

— Today Nicaragua