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BOTSWANA: Botswana Lawyers Decry Involvement of AfriForum in Bridgette Motsepe Case

Botswana lawyers have described their government’s appointment of AfriForum’s Gerrie Nel to help pursue a case involving businesswoman Bridgette Motsepe as ‘alarming’ and ‘ill-advised’.

Botswana’s choice of AfriForum as an ally in a case against the South African government and involving prominent, politically well-connected businesswoman Bridgette Motsepe, could worsen relations between the two countries even further, the vice-chairperson of the Law Society of Botswana, Mboki Chilisa has said.

“We are all extremely disappointed by the appointment of AfriForum, given what AfriForum stands for. It’s not something we expected or thought government could do.

“It is a group which seeks to stand in opposition to transformation, and a group that seeks to stand in the way of trying to redress inequalities of the past in South Africa,” Chilisa said.

“The timing is very bizarre. At the moment there is a global wave that seeks to uproot racism the world over. And in this sensitive and delicate time you decide to engage AfriForum. That is very alarming.”

Chilisa said the political dynamics at play in the case meant the Botswanan government might have thought that appointing an organisation “who stands in direct opposition to the government of the day” would give them.

— AllAfrica