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World Sickle Cell Day: Group calls for the use of non-steroids in managing sickle cell anaemia

The Executive Director of EO Foundation for the Needy, Prof. Cyril Otoikhian, said the use of steroids in managing sickle cell anaemia leads to future overarching complications.

He said this at a press briefing during the celebration of the 2020 World Sickle Cell Day, put together by EO Foundation in Benin City, Nigeria.

The Professor of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Novena University, Ogume, Delta State, said gene becomes extra stubborn whenever one uses factors that are stubborn such as steroids. Hence, it becomes imperative to avoid the use of steroids. He said there are several unit drugs that are devoid of steroid factor.

Prof. Otoikhian recommended the use of water to ease the pains associated with sickle cell anaemia. According to him, “lack of oxygen in the blood makes the cell to sickle and this gives birth to sickle cell. When the blood moves from one part of the body to another part, the pains subsided. Those genes obey water and they flow. When the sickle cell anaemia differ all drugs, take our locally made Kunu and water.

“Sickle cell anaemia demands good management, principles, right drugs and all fruits in season, all food that is human, and one can get old with it.

Prof. Otoikhian kicked against the use of the term sickler. According to him, “the word sickler is stigmatization and it needed to stop. Just call them sickle cell anaemia. They only have a sickle cell genotype. In EO Foundation, we refer to them as ‘innocent lives’. When they were coming to life, they did not sign the contract of living with such pains. It was the mistake of their parents”.

The EO Foundation boss called for government intervention in managing sickle cell anaemia and in subsidizing sickle cell drugs that are very expensive. He said no person has special certificate to remain alive not minding the genotype he/she has. He posited that there should be Institute of Sickle Cell Centers in all local government areas, for sickle cell management.

“There will be need for genotype law to protect persons living with sickle cell anaemia. Prices for most of the drugs classified for sickle cell anaemia are outrageous. This law will prevent drug vendors from draining the people.

The genetic expert advised the people not to be deceived, saying genotype cannot be changed either in the bone marrow or stem cell. He said what is needed is proper maintenance.