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Liberia In Brief


Liberian President George Weah says the country has made enough progress against the coronavirus to allow the reopening of the international airport and hotels in two weeks’ time.

A state of emergency which is due to end next Tuesday will not be renewed.

To date 345 cases of the virus have been confirmed in Liberia, with 30 deaths.

Due to very low levels of testing, the full extent of the disease is uncertain.

Correspondents say although schools have shut and an overnight curfew is in place, most people have carried on with their lives as normal during the state of emergency, with markets still busy and shops open.

A survey by Liberia’s National Public Health Institute, which heads the country’s Covid-19 fight, has revealed that only between 10% and 15% of people in overcrowded slums can afford to purchase face masks.

The vast majority of people in those informal settlements are more concerned about what to eat than what to wear on their faces, according to the institute’s head Dr Mosoka Fallah.

The findings haven’t come as a surprise in an impoverished country where many people live on less than $1 (£0.80) a day.

The government’s much-publicised decision to distribute food to vulnerable populations in places like those surveyed is still in final planning stages, with some obvious challenges.

— BBC News